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I always get such a special feeling when I get a message from a loved one, it's so reassuring to know that life goes on and that we go to a better place. I've never been to the spirit world (not in this life anyhow) but on my travels on the astral plane I've seen many strange things, people and places so I know there is something other than the earth plane.

Most of all I believe that life is everlasting and what we learn in this life is to help us find total completion in the spirit world. You can't go back to or appreciate ever lasting love if you haven't known the pain or suffering that happens on the earth plane. Of course many good things happen too, but without a balance how would we know?

Many people believe we tread the earth many times. Although I canít prove this I do believe I've been here before, but more importantly I know what I do in this life will shape what happens in the next life. I think of this as cosmic karma. So what does this mean to you? It matters not what or who you believe in I've heard of many evil things done in the name of religion or because it's Godís will but also I've known many people who are atheist and have a belief that there is nothing more yet they do so much for mother Earth.
    Anyhow whatever you believe, we all come from the same place and we all go back there. How we go about it or how many times we come on the earth plane to learn is in our hands. So my message would be to do something to help mother earth. Whatever you do in love you will get back in love, and remember spirit can see all even inside your heart.

Love and light to who ever reads this.

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